Jan Mladonicky

Wolf hunting to resume in WI, MN undecided; Chemical in tires may be killing Salmon on the West Coast; COVID-19 Vaccination to begin in the United Kingdom.

Umanga Gunasekera

Minnesota recorded a significant increase of COVID-19 cases this month, ranking 6th in the country of per capita cases during the month of November. Minnesota’s highest daily number of deaths were recorded November 24th with 101 deaths.


On November 12, federal wildlife officials removed the gray wolf from the endangered species act protection, after it had been recognized as an endangered species since 1974. Once not in the act, the wolves can be hunted for recreational purposes.

James Kincheloe

Iowa submitted a proposed hemp production program to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for approval on December 11, 2019, paving the way for legal hemp production in the state.

Gus Brihn

It has been over three years since the British referendum to leave the European Union. Since the referendum on June 23, 2016, the UK have gone through two prime ministers and numerous Brexit deal rejections and now the newest captain of the ship is Conservative Party member Boris Johnson.


James Kincheloe

The emergence of new genomic technologies such as CRISPR, which allows targeted gene editing to a level never before possible, and the recent successes of companies such as Impossible and Beyond Meat, which have pushed the boundaries of what is acceptable and possible in the marketplace and to the consumer, indicates food production and consumption could be in the midst of a revolution.


CAHFS relaunched the Engaging Intergovernmental Organizations program in March, starting off its eleventh year by taking a new multidisciplinary approach to tackling the most pressing global public health issues.