The Center for Animal Health and Food Safety plays a key role in protecting people from animal diseases and food-borne illnesses through education, outreach, and research that connects local and global experts.

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25 partner countries

collaborating with CAHFS on projects, research, and trainings

350 alumni

implemented to address grand challenges in veterinary public health

100 training programs

implemented to address grand challenges in veterinary public health

Our Story

Learn more about our history and goals of protecting and enhancing food safety, food security, and economic growth by promoting sustainable animal health production practices


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Mitigating the risk of animal diseases

Our work centers around preventing the risk associated with endemic, emerging, and foreign diseases that affect the health of animals, humans, and the environment.

Service unit for veterinary public health

We bridge University of Minnesota faculty and researchers with national and international experts to conduct research, education, and outreach for our community.

OIE collaborating center for capacity building

Through education and training, we provide support and solidarity to countries to help build skills and resources around the topics of animal health and disease control.

Veterinary Public Health and Preventive Medicine Residency

Our flagship training program develops the next generation of veterinary public health professionals with specialized, vigorous training and hands-on practice.

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Our Reach

CAHFS partners with various local and global organizations on research projects and training programs. Organizations have been based in the U.S., Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Senegal, Uganda, Spain, France, Kosovo, Thailand, and New Zealand.

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Capacity Building

Capacity Building

Exchanging expertise to safely feed the world

We strengthen the capacity of veterinary services at state, national, and international levels through education and training.


Science-Based Solutions

Facilitating science-driven decision making

We transform data into information and information into decisions that promote food safety and animal health.

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Preparedness and Awareness

Mitigating the impact of food and animal diseases

We develop infrastructure to prevent and mitigate disease impact, and to protect animal, human, and environmental health.