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ProgRESSVet is an online educational initiative that works in collaboration with partner countries to increase the capacity of veterinary services in collaboration with partner countries.

Since 2016, the Center for Animal Health and Food Safety (CAHFS) has developed and offered training programs around the globe designed to increase the capacity of the veterinary services. The program has been implemented in Latin America, East Africa, and Vietnam.

If you are joining us from the OIE: World Organization for Animal Health information portal, welcome! This site provides more information regarding the ProgRESSVet initiative and training opportunities for veterinary services.


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ProgRESSVet Latin America

Programa Regional de Educación Sistemática de Servicios Veterinarios (ProgRESSVet) Latin America ProgRESSVet-Latin America was founded in 2016 as a collaborative effort between the Center for Animal Health and Food Safety (CAHFS) at the University of Minnesota and the Centro Buenos Aires para la Capacitación de los Servicios Veterinarios (CEBASEV, now Centro Regional para el Entrenamiento de los Servicios Veterinarios), the designated Collaborating Centers of the World Organisation of Animal Health (OIE) in the Americas.

The primary objective of ProgRESSVet is to enhance the capabilities of human resources of the veterinary services in Latin America through a training program, delivered predominantly online, to in-service professionals who learn while they work. Our flagship effort in the veterinary services training area (2017-2018), resulted in the training of 20 veterinary professionals from six countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Mexico, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

In 2020, CAHFS partnered with Instituto Colombiano Agropecuario (ICA) to offer ProgRESSVet Colombia, an initiative that has continued into 2022 to train staff on key issues for international trade, risk analysis, and strengthening the approach of the veterinary directorate through building individual knowledge that is then applied in the context of small group projects with topical focus

The program is based upon the OIE’s advanced (now Day 2) competencies for veterinary service professionals, and seeks to enhance both the knowledge and skills necessary for advanced practice in veterinary services. Beyond individual and group training, ProgRESSVet is aligned with the OIE’s objectives of making accessible, promoting, and sustaining measures for regional development. 

All training activities in the region are offered in Spanish language, with the option for Portuguese language options, as well.

ProgRESSVet Information Sheet in English (PDF)

ProgRESSVet Folleto en Español (PDF)


ProgRESSVet East Africa

In April 2019, CAHFS was awarded $1.5 million over three years from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to design and implement education and training programs in Kenya and Uganda (2020-2022), focused on strengthening  the veterinary workforce to improve local, national, and regional practices for animal health, and promote access to international trade markets for sustainable local development.

In the cohort-based model, participants undertake an interactive online training followed by work in teams to develop funding proposals to support improved pathways for the trade of animals and animal products. ProgRESSVet East Africa has trained more than 70 participants in Kenya and Uganda.


ProgRESSVet Vietnam

ProgRESSVet-Vietnam is an educational initiative focused on the control and prevention of African swine fever (ASF), developed for the veterinary services of Vietnam with funding from the Swine Health Information Center. 

In 2021 participants from the Department of Animal Health completed coursework in African Swine Fever Epidemiology and Risk Assessment, Biosecurity and ASFv Risk Management in Pig Farms, and Organization of Control Plans at the Central Level.  In 2022, participants will take methods-focused courses such as Introduction to Spatial Analysis, Introduction to Disease Modeling, and Introduction to Economic Analysis as staff continue advancing their strategies to fight ASF and other animal diseases.


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