Veterinary Public Health Service Unit

CAHFS is the U of M College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) service unit for issues related to veterinary public health and food security, serving the needs of Minnesotans. 

CAHFS helps the CVM—and the U of M community as a whole—navigate the challenges of an increasingly interconnected world by bringing global solutions for Minnesotan challenges, and contributing Minnesotan solutions to global problems affecting animal and public health, and food security.

In our role as a veterinary public health service unit, CAHFS can serve as a vehicle for the U of M community with: 

  • Research development: attract funding, build proposals, and facilitate relationships to improve research opportunities for faculty members and research teams
  • eLearning and video production 
  • Outreach support: trainings, webinars, or communications for research to reach a new audience 

For more information or to collaborate with us, contact [email protected] 

Infographic titled "What Is Veterinary Public Health?" Topics are food safety & security, zoonotic & infectious disease, public policy & leadership, sustainable development, emergency preparedness, and environmental health