Translating University knowledge and research into innovative online education initiatives for students, veterinarians, and professionals

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Faculty at the University of Minnesota and their global partners are at the forefront of research on global health and food systems challenges. The CAHFS eLearning team works with these experts to craft learning modules that bring critical scientific knowledge to working professionals to transform individual practice and to build organizational capacity. 

We employ eLearning to reach a broader audience to ensure that what is being learned in the University setting is being translated to professional practice. eLearning allows for a global reach, in multiple languages, increasing the audience size and scope.

Designing curriculum to maximize impact

CAHFS’s eLearning courses allow policy makers, industry professionals, veterinarians, and other collaborators to develop abilities, create peer networks, and increase cross-cultural interaction while still remaining within their professional practice and continuing to work.

Culturally relevant for global reach

As a designated World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) Collaborating Center for Veterinary Service Capacity Building, CAHFS carries its global mindset into all eLearning initiatives, carefully considering a participant’s context and culture in building coursework.