Julie Adamchick

Ruminant agriculture—food production from cud-chewing livestock species including cattle, sheep, goats, and camels—has a complicated relationship with people and our planet. It is crucial to recognize and value the diverse functions and contributions of ruminants to planetary health in order to move toward livestock systems which are beneficial and sustainable in the long run.

James Kincheloe

The coronavirus shutdowns are dealing severe blows to Wisconsin dairy farmers who typically sell large amounts of products to the now-decimated school, restaurant, and hospitality industries.

Gus Brihn

In our last CAHFS Weekly Update, the topic of stigma, misinformation, and fear was briefly discussed. This was brought to light with the recent outrage about where infected or suspected patients should be quarantined and/or isolated in the US.

James Kincheloe

An investigation into a case of drug-resistant human brucellosis that started in November 2018 was traced to Miller’s Biodiversity Farm in Pennsylvania. Brucella bacteria is usually killed in the pasteurization process, but the farm marketed raw milk products. The state quarantined sales of products while the investigation was taking place.