About our Policy Briefs

The Center for Animal Health and Food Safety (CAHFS) Policy Program works to improve public and legislative decision-making through the dissemination of information about the impacts of agriculture and food-related policy. Our policy briefs aim to summarize relevant information around an animal health or food systems topic in order to help someone make a decision about a policy issue.

Policy briefs are presented using balanced and unbiased science in a straightforward one- to two-page format using accessible language. Topic areas were identified by commodity groups and legislative staffers and helped determine the critical issues for analyses.

Interdisciplinary teams investigate food issues

While policies surrounding food are diverse, policy research focuses on issues that are timely, leverage University of Minnesota expertise, and have an impact on human, animal, and environmental health. Each analysis aims to consider multiple angles when investigating the impact of food policies on the people and systems they touch.

Policy Briefs

CAHFS policy briefs were created by students in University of Minnesota applied policy courses and through previous grant funding for a Food Policy Research Center, which developed briefs from 2012-2016. 

Writing policy briefs

Policy briefs should help someone make a decision about how to vote on a policy issue. Check out these resources for more information and tips on writing policy issue briefs.

Policy brief assignment guidelines (PDF)