Short Courses

The Center for Animal Health and Food Safety (CAHFS) at the University of Minnesota is offering an introductory course to basic principles and applications of risk analysis.

This short course will introduce you to basic concepts and steps of Risk Analysis to support evidence-based decision-making in the field. The module establishes the value of understanding risk and the implications of risk and aims to help you build awareness and skills in conducting risk assessments.

The course will be administered remotely, through an online platform. The estimated duration of the course is 6 hours. The 1-week course will be primarily asynchronous so that you can work through the content and activities at your own pace and preferred time of day, but will include one synchronous, 1 hour seminar that you will be required to attend.  All participants will take the course during the same week (to be scheduled in 2022), which will also provide opportunities to network with other colleagues around the globe through forum discussions and other interactions.  

The registration fee is $100; however, participants may be eligible for a waiver, provided that they meet certain requirements, kindly supported by the Swine Health Information Center.

The course may be available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Chinese languages, depending on the number of interested participants.

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